Logo: Assualted Women's and Children's Counsellor Advocate Program

Part-Time Program

This program provides students with a feminist analysis of the social, political and counselling issues related to violence against women and children. Students learn to be agents for change in community education, political action and law reform - to provide counselling and advocacy to women and children who have experienced or are experiencing violence. A major portion of the program is fieldwork.

Mature students with personal, volunteer or employment experience in women's services are given preference for admission to this program.

This program takes approximately three and a half years to complete. Students are required to complete the program within five years.

Students attend classes every Monday from noon to 8:30 pm at St. James Campus and generally take four classes each semester. Classes start in September and finish in June. Students are eligible to apply for OSAP.

Graduates work in a variety of settings, including transition and interval houses, rape crisis centres, women's health centres and community centres.

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma with all credits at or above the general level or mature student status. Grade 12 English or equivalent is required.

Applicants are required to complete a questionnaire. Selected candidates will be invited to attend an information session. Mature students are required to take an English pre-admission test (note: George Brown offers a Test Preparation course).

Applications are processed starting in February each year. Registration details are mailed to accepted applicants.

For an application or more information, call 416-415-5000, ext. 2121 or e-mail mboniste@gbrownc.on.ca.

Graduation Requirements

The following courses must be completed in order to obtain the diploma.



1042 Introduction to Feminism

COUN 1017

Working with Abused Women and Their Children A

CULT 1005

Cross Cultural Communication

COMM 1008

College English

PSY 1055

Child and Youth Development

PSY 1071

Child Witness of Woman Abuse

WOMN 1040

Gender, Race and Class

WOMN 1038

Integrative Seminar A

WOMN 1043

Integrative Seminar B

WOMN 1045

Integrative Seminar C


WOMN 1041

Introduction to Feminist Counselling

PSY 1004

Psychology of Women

COMM 1072

Professional Communications

COUN 1019

Working with Abused Women and Their Children B

COUN 2018

Working with Children and Youth Who Have Experienced Violence

COUN 1018

Group Process A

WOMN 1039

Integrative Seminar D

WOMN 2036

Integrative Seminar E

WOMN 2038

Integrative Seminar F

WOMN 1044

Field Work Seminar A

WOMN 1017

Field Placement A


WOMN 2009

Feminist Community Development and Political Action A

COUN 2025

Working with Women Surviving Sexual Violence A

WOMN 2011

Feminist Community Development and Political Action B

COUN 2022

Working with Women Surviving Sexual Violence B

COUN 2019

Feminist Group Process B

COUN 2024

Feminist Group Process C

WOMN 2035

Field Work Seminar B

WOMN 2019

Field Placement B

WOMN 2035

Field Work Seminar C


Plus two General Education courses and COMP 1092 Computer Skills and Applications


AWCCA gave me anonymity when my pain needed to be lulled
It gave me forum when my voice needed to be heard
It gave me pride and value in my life experiences
It gave me family when I was alone
And sisterhood when my goals were fading.
AWCCA placed me on a path that empowered me.
Today, my reality
Has exceeded my dreams.
Today I will take the hand of another survivor and
AWCCA's philosophy will empower another to find the path to heal.

Roxanne Smith,
AWCCA Graduate 2004,
Streetlight Support Services