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About The AWCCA Program

"The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities..."
-- Adrienne Rich

This program provides students with a feminist and anti-oppression analysis of the political and counselling issues related to violence against women and children. Students will learn to be agents of change in their work of political action, community education and law reform. Students are trained to provide counseling and advocacy for women and children who have experienced or are experiencing violence. Much of the program is designed for students to obtain front-line experience through their work in the field. Human rights, social justice, and community development in a diverse society are the heart of the program.

Career paths

Graduates work in a variety of settings, including transition and interval houses, rape crisis centres, women's health centres, community centres and victim/witness programs.

Skills and Aptitudes

Are you impassioned by the desire to make change for women in society? Do you want to be in a community where you can learn how to be involved in making that change happen? Learn to be an advocate and/or counselor to women and children who have suffered abuse. Be involved in understanding the systemic structures which allow such injustices to occur.

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Grade 12 English or equivalent
  • Applicants will also be interviewed and required to fill in a questionnaire

The pervasiveness of violence against women and children today has been well documented by authoritative research in Canada, the United States and internationally. The Assaulted Women and Children's Counsellor/Advocate program at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, is a unique program in Canada. With three campuses at the heart of downtown Toronto, George Brown College is a college community at the heart of Canada's biggest and most exciting city. Our program is located in one of these three campuses - St. James campus.

The St. James Campus Location


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It is no wonder the AWCCA program is promoted as 'Unique in Canada'...it truly was a unique experience that challenged me to my core on so many fundamental issues present in our society. During the two years I learned an incredible amount about my self while learning about other women's issues and experiences, both of which have helped me tremendously to better assist women in crisis.

Tammy Scanlan,
Resident Women's Advocate,
Yorktown Shelter
For Women