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Do you care about women's and children's rights and global justice?
Do you want to support women who seek freedom from violence?

The Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate Program at George Brown College offers a combination of feminist counselling and political action courses that include the skills of support and activism needed to advocate for women, their children, and their communities.

What We Cannot Do Alone We Can Do Together

The two-year AWCCA diploma program emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to be a frontline worker, program coordinator, and community organizer in a wide range of community service settings. Human rights, social justice, and community development in a diverse society are the heart of the program.

George Brown College established the Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate Program (AWCCA) in 1986.

Together with our colleagues from front line Violence Against Women (VAW) services, we developed an educational program that anticipates not only the realities of our diverse women's community, but the changing needs of our population and society.

The Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate program is the only one of its kind in Canada - meeting a vital need for victim/witness advocates, rape crisis and shelter counsellors and community activists.

This program works from a woman-and-child centred perspective. It offers a social-political context for violence against women and combined this with high quality skill training in the areas of group and individual counselling, advocacy and community development.

  • This program is the only one of its kind.
  • About 75 students graduate each year from the full and part-time programs.
  • The AWCCA diploma is widely recognized by leaders in the field.
  • Our graduates work in shelters, sexual assault centres, community and mental health agencies, victim/witness support programs and law offices.
  • They play a leading role in the areas of law reform, community development and public education related to violence against women and children.

For more information about George Brown College and the Centre for Community Services and Development please see the College Web site: www.gbrownc.on.ca.


Copies of the paper "Implications of the Shrinking Space for Feminist Antiviolence Advocacy," presented June 16, 2005, by Mandy Bonisteel and Linda Green at the 12th biennial Canadian Social Welfare Policy Conference, Fredericton, N.B., can be downloaded from this Web site. [MORE]


Learn about the faculty behind the Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate Program.


You can participate in the AWCCA program on a part-time basis, attending classes Monday afternoons and evenings.


My time at AWCCA was a life-changing experience. It gave me not only the skills but the perspective needed to do community work effectively. Thank you!

Kerry Beckstead,
Community Development &
Housing Support Worker,
at Portland Place